French review games

french review games

Use these 5 games to introduce mind-blowing fun into your French class today! Hangman forces students to review their vocabulary in a very effective manner. A review to learn French numbers. Copy this to my Java Game Vocabulary reviews the members of the family in French. Simple millionaire game on sports!. Explore Jillian Davis's board " Games for French class" on Pinterest. Customizable PowerPoint game templates to review before tests! http:// bestteacherblog. School subjects in French - Les matieres Powerpoint to introduce school subjects in French including a 'Picture from Memory' activity. Puzzles Spelling Alphabetize Tic-Tac-Toe Fontaine Fables Worksheets Flash Cards About French. Give them a list of easy topics e. About this resource Info Created: The teacher can introduce the game by giving an example for one minute. One pupil should keep the time. The teacher poses the problem and the class have to guess the solution by asking yes-no questions. What the queen of England never does This is a nice filler for intermediate and above to practise use of ne.. This game works well, I promise! Sentence auction- revises Expo 1 Pupils work in pairs or small groups and bid on whether they think the sentence is correct or not. Give each group a set time and then listen to each group's ideas. Apples to Apples would be a good review of vocabulary. Categories French Teaching Activities French Teaching Methods French Teaching Resources French Teaching Tips. They then report back their plans. Lots of ideas that can be adapted. The ones we use come from a file called Drama in Language Teaching. Hello-World French More than FREE French games and activities Step by step French lessons dictionary Songs Children's games Culture Conversations Main concepts Nouns and pronouns Arrange Science Logic Puzzles Move the Mouse Balloon Games Bingo Matching Game Memory Pattern Find It! While the two volunteers are out of the room, you prepare questions with the rest of the group. They must find out the item in no more than 20 questions. Then put pupils in pairs and ask them to read of their statements to their partner. Another mental arithmetic game for the whole class. If you wish to increase the difficulty of the game, you may like to stipulate a particular subject. The information they have gathered about the famous people can then be shared with the group orally or used for a piece of writing for a gossip magazine.

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An excellent oral version of code breaking can be played. Apr 14, Updated: The first one to fail to make a new sentence loses. French Teacher Teaching French French Class The Thieves Charades Daily Routines French Language Sentences Detective Forward. While the two volunteers are out of the room, you prepare questions with the rest of the group. Encourage students to observe missing or incorrect accents by stipulating that any errors earn another stroke on the gallows. You can also go wild casino bewertung this very simply on the blackboard. At any point, a team may challenge another team to spell out the word they have given—any mistakes and points are deducted. French Revolution Game Storming the Bastille. Each team takes turns choosing a category, and the more points they play for, the more challenging the question. They can be very motivational.

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